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"Let it be not for present use and delight alone, but let it be of such a work that our descendents will thank us for it."
Frederick Law Olmsted


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Protect Jamaica Pond and the Hill!

Help preserve and protect Jamaica Pond’s Watershed for not only our immediate enjoyment, but for future generations. The park is used by thousands of people to revitalize their physical, mental and spiritual health.  It is where Queen Ann’s Lace and Chicory wild flowers, Monarch and Swallowtail butterflies, Black Capped Chickadee and Great Blue Heron birds and all the wonders of nature gives us reverence of our place on this planet earth.  Eternal vigilance and advocacy will be required to save the pond’s watershed - Hellenic Hill from future development and Jamaica Pond from future algae contamination.  Your support is vital for us to succeed in these endeavors. 

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Frederick Law Olmsted aka Gerry Wright at
Yosemite National Park

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